Long Island Medical Misdiagnosis Injury Lawyer

If a medical professional has failed to diagnose or misdiagnosed you or a loved one, you must retain experienced, vigorous legal representation.

Choose A Thorough Suffolk County Hospital Misdiagnosis Lawyer

If additional injuries or prolonged illness occurred as result of your doctor's negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. At the law firm of David J. Raimondo & Associates, we are dedicated to helping you get the results you deserve.

Mr. Raimondo has more than 20 years of litigation experience working with victims of personal injury accidents and medical malpractice. The misdiagnosis of an illness, disease or condition can have devastating effects your treatment and subsequently the long-term status of your health. At our Centereach medical negligence and misdiagnosis law firm, we work with New York and Long Island individuals who have experienced:

  • Failure to diagnose breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and testicular cancer
  • Cancer misdiagnosis
  • Heart defect misdiagnosis
  • Stroke misdiagnosis
  • Diabetes
  • Fatal overdose

If an injury or death occurs due to the doctor's failure to properly diagnose a condition, you or your loved ones may be legally entitled to seek compensation for pain, suffering, medical costs, treatment and more.

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David J. Raimondo & Associates offers a free initial consultation, which can take place in our Lake Grove office on Long Island or in your home or hospital room. Our Long Island medical misdiagnosis injury attorney will come to you, with no obligation, to advise you on the possible courses of action to recover damages.

Many of our cases are referred to David J. Raimondo & Associates by other attorneys and past clients. You can email us or call toll free at 800-684-6104. Our staff members speak fluent Spanish and Greek and we can accommodate any other language.