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Physical Injury After Car Accident – Long Island

New York’s Long Island is the most populated island in the United States and one of the most crowded islands in the world.  In addition to those who call the island home, thousands upon thousands of people travel its roads to and from the island’s two major airports, La Guardia and JFK International, each day.  […]

Crash-avoidance systems may soon come standard in new cars

Federal safety officials say newly developed crash-avoidance technologies could prevent more than half a million car accidents each year in the United States, saving an estimated 1,000 lives annually. Representatives of the Obama administration say they are working on a proposal that would require these systems to be installed in all new cars in the […]

Teens will be buried in native countries

  The families of two teens who died in a backyard accident made plans Friday for a single wake for the pair, described as “brothers,” and eventual burials in their native countries. The teens — Eduardo Vanegas-Fuentes, 16, and Edgar Calderon-Castro, 19 — died Thursday after Vanegas-Fuentes fell into a cesspool in Farmingville and his […]

Wake held for teens who died in cesspool

Mourners at the wake Monday for two teenagers who died in a cesspool in Farmingville described them as sweet and selfless — and who had been looking forward to a backyard evening last week building a bonfire. The two, Eduardo Vanegas-Fuentes, 16, of Holtsville and Edgar Calderon-Castro, 19, of Farmingville, had been eating ice cream […]