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Texting and Driving Accidents in Suffolk County

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Were you involved in a texting and driving accident in Suffolk County?  Call us now.  People who text while they drive know that it is dangerous, and yet they continue to do it anyway. Some states, including New York, have even made texting and driving illegal and that hasn’t stopped everybody. Drivers who text while they drive know it only takes one split second of distraction to cause an accident, but they are willing to put your life and their own at risk to respond to their friend’s text message about something as silly as where they are meeting for dinner.

If you are tempted to respond to a text message while you’re driving, resist.  Here at David J. Raimondo and Associates we see the ugly truth about texting and driving every time a client comes in to tell us their story.  People are frequently injured and often killed in texting and driving accidents in Suffolk County, so put your phone down and pull over before someone gets hurt.  Please take our word for it.  This is a lesson that you don’t need to learn firsthand.  Texting and driving can kill, and if you end up hurting someone, it can cause you a lifetime of guilt and regret.

If someone has risked your life or the life of someone you love in a texting and driving accident near Suffolk County in New York, hire an attorney before you do anything else.  The attorney you choose to represent you may end up being your best decision or your worst.  No lawsuit is easy.  Don’t let an attorney fool you into thinking that your texting and driving suit will be a walk in the park.  The more reputable the attorney you choose, the better your results will be.

We hope you think twice about hiring a half price lawyer and come in and talk to us at David J. Raimondo and Associates today.  Our office is located in Lake Grove, Long Island, and as always we can be reached at 631-471-1222.

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