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Premises Liability/Slip and Fall Long Island

Property owners have a legal responsibility to the safety of others. When a person is injured because of neglected maintenance or a hazardous condition, the owner can be held liable for damages.

Long Island Premises Liability Lawyer

The Raimondo Law Firm in Lake Grove, New York has brought successful premises liability claims against businesses and municipal entities on behalf of clients across Long Island and the five boroughs. Call us immediately at 631-471-1222 for a free consultation.

Premises Liability Cases

We have sued retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, apartment buildings and other commercial owners for slip and fall, trip and fall and other injuries caused by:

  • Wet or slick floors (spills, squished produce, over waxing, melted snow)
  • Bad lighting
  • Broken handrails or guardrails
  • Torn carpet and other tripping hazards
  • Falling or protruding objects
  • Holes or uneven pavement
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Lack of barriers or warning signs
  • Sidewalk accumulations of snow and ice

We have also held owners accountable for inadequate security injuries such as rape, robbery or assault that was allowed to happen because of broken gates, lack of surveillance cameras or insufficient security staff. This includes assault and battery by employees or other patrons/residents.

Injuries from Unsafe Property Conditions

It is always best to contact an attorney right away, and even more critical when suing a governmental entity. You must give the city notice of a lawsuit within 90 days of the injury.

Proving the Owner Had a Duty to Safety

Under New York premises liability law, we must show that the owner (a) created the conditions that led to the accident or (b) received notice of a safety hazard and failed to remedy it. The Raimondo Law Firm have accomplished trial lawyers with 30 years of experience in these cases. We direct a prompt investigation to find witnesses, take photos of the accident site and document the injury. We review medical reports, police reports, maintenance logs, city inspection reports and other evidence.

Above all, The Raimondo Law Firm is committed to securing full compensation for the lasting harm — medical bills and ongoing treatment (surgery, physical therapy), lost wages and pain and suffering or permanent disability.

Contact us for a free case evaluation. If you hire us, there are no attorney fees unless we recover monetary damages. Our staff is fluent in both Spanish and Greek, and we offer evening or weekend appointments.

Recent Results On Behalf Of Plaintiffs

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