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Did Your Car Fail to Protect You?

Product Liability Claims Involving Automobiles
There are more vehicles on the road than ever, which means more accidents. But the number of injuries and deaths has actually decreased because of better safety features.

However, not all vehicle designs are safe. And sometimes those safety devices fail when we need them the most. If you suspect an auto defect caused your serious injury or a family member’s death, contact The Raimondo Law Firm for a free case evaluation. We have successfully sued General Motors and other auto industry companies on behalf of clients across Long Island and New York City.

Long Island Auto Defect Lawsuit Attorney

Trial lawyers at The Raimondo Law Firm bring 30 years of experience in personal injury litigation, including many product liability cases involving auto defects:

  • SUV rollovers
  • Seat belt failure
  • Seat back collapse
  • Brakes
  • Engines
  • Tires
  • Air bags

Some lawsuits, such as tire blowouts or sudden loss of power, point to the defect as the cause of the auto accident. Other claims, such as an airbag that fails to inflate, seek damages for failure to protect the occupants in a crash. In sport utility vehicle rollovers, we may allege vehicle instability and non-crashworthiness — the top-heavy design makes the SUV prone to rollover, and the roof supports or seat belts fail as the vehicle flips or rolls.

The Resources to Take on Auto Manufacturers

An auto defect lawsuit may name the automaker or manufacturer of the defective component, as well as the auto dealership. A product liability claim must assert a design defect or a flaw in the manufacturing process or materials used. This requires a substantial investment in accident reconstruction specialists and experts in automotive engineering and vehicle safety.

If we determine your claim has merit, our law firm is willing to spend what it takes to secure compensation for the medical care, lost income and lasting personal impact of a serious auto accident. We have also sued for defects in motorcycles, boats and bicycles that injured our clients.

Call our Lake Grove, New York office at 631-471-1222 for a free initial consultation. We have fluent Spanish and Greek speakers on staff, and we can meet clients evenings, weekends or at their home or hospital.

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