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Negligence in Administering Medications

Thousands of medication errors happen every day in hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Fortunately most of these mistakes are harmless or cause minor side effects. But the powerful drugs available today can result in major complications or even fatalities when given incorrectly.

If a family member suffered lasting injury, serious illness or death from a medication error, The Raimondo Law Firm can determine if you have a case for medical malpractice. Contact us immediately for a free case evaluation. We handle cases across Long Island and throughout New York City.

Holding Providers Accountable for Medication Mistakes

We have secured substantial damages in lawsuits against pharmacists, physicians, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes in Nassau County, Suffolk County and the NYC area:

  • Dosage mistakes — Overdose resulting in death or dangerous side effects
  • Wrong drug — Dire consequences for some victims
  • Failure to administer — Complications or death from not receiving prescribed meds on time
  • Contraindications — Known drug allergies, known cross-reactions with other medications, pre-existing conditions precluding that drug for that patient

Medication errors resulting in death, brain damage, organ failure, respiratory distress, heart attack, stroke, nerve damage, hemorrhage, skin disorders or other lasting harm may be grounds for a lawsuit for damages. Compensation includes costs of medical treatment or nursing care, lost earnings, pain and suffering and any permanent disability, or statutory damages for a wrongful death.

Proving the Negligence

Did a doctor write the wrong prescription? Did the pharmacist misread it? Did pharmacy staff misfill, mislabel or give the victim someone else’s meds? Did a nurse give a fatal dose or the wrong drug? Did anyone ask the right questions?

All health care providers should have systems and cross-checks in place to prevent these potentially deadly mistakes. Trial lawyers at The Raimondo Law Firm have 30 years of experience in medical malpractice litigation, including prescription medication errors. He personally investigates and hires experts in toxicology/pharmacology or medical administration when necessary to show how the doctors, nursing staff or pharmacist failed to prevent this tragedy.

Call our Lake Grove office at 631-471-1222 to arrange a free consultation, including evenings, weekends or “house calls” to homes, hospitals and care facilities. We take medical negligence cases on a contingency — no attorney fees unless we recover compensation. We have staff members who are fluent in Spanish and Greek.

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