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Failure to Diagnose Cancer Long Island

Long Island Failure To Diagnose Cancer Lawyer

Failure to diagnose an illness, disease, or condition can lead to disastrous consequences for the patient. When a physician fails to properly diagnose a patient, that patient may be subject to incorrect treatment, delayed treatment, or no treatment at all. Insufficient or improper treatment can lead to additional injuries, permanent damage, and even death. Because of this, physicians have a legal responsibility to follow certain protocol and procedures in order to reasonably diagnose their patients. When a physician fails to properly diagnose the patient’s condition, he/she may be held liable for damages.

Long Island medical malpractice attorneys at The Raimondo Law Firm represent clients whose physicians fail to diagnose cancer, heart disease, stroke, neurological illnesses, and other serious medical conditions. When patients sustain additional injuries, or die because their doctors fail to properly diagnose their condition, the patients and their families are legally entitled to seek compensation for their injuries, pain, suffering, psychological distress, medical costs, treatments, financial hardship, and wrongful death.

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It is unacceptable for any physician to fail to diagnosis a medical condition that should have been caught. When doctors fail to follow the accepted “standard of care,” resulting in failure to properly diagnose a patient, they may be held liable under New York medical malpractice laws. If a medical physician hasfailed to diagnose you or someone you love, it is important to contact an experienced Long Island medical malpractice attorney immediately.

We are well-versed in New York medical malpractice laws, and has helped hundreds of clients file successful claims against doctors and physicians who fail to diagnose their condition, disease, or illness. As soon as Mr. Raimondo commits to a case, he thoroughly reviews all medical records, questions all physicians involved, and consults third party experts. Furthermore, Mr. Raimondo is dedicated to providing all of his clients with aggressive representation, viable options, multiple resources, and individualized attention. Above all, Mr. Raimondo’s number one priority is protecting his clients’ rights, fighting and behalf of their best interest, and making sure justice is served.

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