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Frequent storms on Long Island creating driving conditions that are hazardous to motorists, even when travel is necessary

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As winter 2014 drones on, people of Long Island are becoming increasingly snow-roads.jpgfrustrated with the endless parade of snowstorms that seem to be passing through the area, leaving havoc in their paths. With weather patterns such as this occurring in cycles, citizens are becoming frustrated by this particularly difficult winter season. Storms have brought significant amounts of precipitation including snow, sleet, ice and rain which have complicated travel conditions all over the area. Residents have watched the warnings on all the major news channels to avoid travel if at all possible, but as many people know, businesses do remain open unlike many of the schools that do close on inclement days. With this being said, many are left with the difficult decision to either travel if necessary or face any consequence there may be with their employers if they stay home for their own safety.

According to the National Weather Service, there have been six major storms in 2014 thus far. With the year only being six weeks old to date, New York is averaging one major snowstorm a week. Precipitation accumulations are above the average for this year with some areas at already double of what is typically seen for an average winter season. With all this taken into account, it is no wonder that there have also been a higher occurrence of motor vehicle accidents present on many roadways. Many people may not have a choice on days of inclement weather but to travel to their place of work, despite the warnings everywhere to stay off the roadways due to hazardous conditions. Roads may not be properly plowed or salted, making it dangerous for commuters to travel safely. Drivers may skid off roads not properly cleaned and become trapped in snow banks or hit non moving objects such as curbs or telephone poles. In more severe cases, drivers may collide with other cars causing serious accidents that may also be accompanied by injuries that require medical attention.

Motorists should approach travel with caution if absolutely necessary on days with such hazardous conditions. Speed should be reduced when driving to ensure the safety of one self and others on the roadways. Vehicles should be properly cleaned before driving and any distractions while operating any vehicle should be eliminated. Some may advise to have food and water present in the event of an emergency, as well as a first aid kit. Despite all this, many drivers do not execute caution while driving and may speed, tailgate and drive erratically causing accidents with those who may be taking every precautionary measure to ensure a safe travel to their destination. In many other cases, some motorists become fearful when driving in such conditions, which can also pose problems on the roadways.

It is important to keep in mind that if travel is not necessary, staying home and off the roadways is the responsible and safe decision. If you must travel, always use caution to protect yourself and others from causing unnecessary car accidents on Long Island and elsewhere in the surrounding areas that may lead to more severe consequences than staying indoors.

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