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Misdiagnosis of Breast Cancer and How to Prevent this from Happening to You

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Misdiagnosis of Breast Cancer - Long Island LawyerAs a woman, one of the largest health concerns revolves around the idea of being diagnosed one day with breast cancer. The statistics show that not only will one in eight women be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, but it also is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. Sadly, breast cancer is the second leading cause of death among women. It is stressed that early detection is key and could easily prevent any tumor found early from metastasizing to healthy tissues of the body. With early detection, the primary tumor found in the breast tissue can be removed and the prognosis for survival is great.

Women each year prepare themselves for their annual mammograms and breast exams to determine if any tumors reside in their bodies. The testing alone is a daunting experience, leaving many on pins and needles until they are given the relieving news that all their scans and tests have come back clean. Is it always that simple though? Are there cases in which women are told that they are free and clear of any suspicious masses and then discover later on that they indeed have some form of breast cancer? Often times a misdiagnosis leads to one discovering their tumor once it has reached later stage of the disease which is harder to treat, leaving the patient with a poor prognosis. Sadly enough, the misdiagnosis of breast cancer happens often enough for it to have become a prevalent issue in which many have sought legal consult and pursued lawsuits against medical professionals who have delivered false reports and demonstrated negligent medical care for their patients.

Breast cancer misdiagnosis occurs not only due to errors in scans and tests administered but also when a physician does not give the care and consideration to patient symptoms that could indicate the presence of cancer. The most common breast cancer symptoms include the presence of a suspicious mass, breast reddening, pain or tenderness in the breast region, change in the appearance of the breast, pain in the armpit as well as changes to the nipple including discharge. For those who believe they have become victim of a misdiagnosis, the law allows for the pursuit of medical malpractice lawsuits to compensate for money loss in medical bills, as well as pain and suffering for negligent medical practices.

How can one prevent falling victim to a misdiagnosis? Most importantly, be your own advocate for your health concerns. If you feel that there is a problem and it was not given the proper attention by a medical professional, seek a second opinion. Insist to have a repeat of tests and scans to ensure the validity of your results. Be knowledgeable of your family history and be specific with your concerns and questions you have for your doctors.  If you or someone you know has been a victim of a breast cancer misdiagnosis, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer you trust to pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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