Car Accidents

Bus Accident Kills a 6-year old boy – Hempstead, Long Island

A Nassau County public bus careened out of control near the intersection of Fulton Street and Nassau Place in Hempstead at about 9:30 pm last night. Swerving to avoid a pedestrian; the bus driver lost control of the bus and crashed into a multi-family house killing a 6-year-old boy who was asleep, injuring his 7-year-old […]

Texting and Driving Accidents in Suffolk County

Were you involved in a texting and driving accident in Suffolk County?  Call us now.  People who text while they drive know that it is dangerous, and yet they continue to do it anyway. Some states, including New York, have even made texting and driving illegal and that hasn’t stopped everybody. Drivers who text while […]

The Long-Lasting Effects of a Car Accident – Long Island

Whether you’re from Long Island, Washington, Texas, or any other place in this planet, there’s no doubt that a road accident can affect all aspects of a person’s life. It doesn’t only claim people’s lives and harm their health through physical injuries, but also result in psychological trauma. Most of the time, even the lives […]

Physical Injury After Car Accident – Long Island

New York’s Long Island is the most populated island in the United States and one of the most crowded islands in the world.  In addition to those who call the island home, thousands upon thousands of people travel its roads to and from the island’s two major airports, La Guardia and JFK International, each day.  […]