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Case type: Car Accidents

$960,000 Car Accident

for passenger in motor vehicle collision resulting in femur fracture, requiring surgical hardware, arthroscopic shoulder repair, nasal bone fracture and facial laceration;

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$812,500 Car Accident

Man struck by a box truck, that improperly changed lanes, causing the plaintiff’s vehicle to flip over.  The victim suffered multiple injuries, including surgery to

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$650,000 Car Accident

A woman whose vehicle was pinned against a cement median by a coach bus, driving unlawfully on a prohibited parkway. The victim suffered a cervical

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$450,000 Car Accident

for motorist struck in rear, causing humeral fracture and vascular injury, resulting in multiple surgeries and permanent surgical hardware.

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$400,000 Car Accident

Victim of a motor vehicle collision who sustained injuries to his cervical spine, requiring surgery. Defendant’s vehicle made a left turn in front of the

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