Can computers stop accidents? Police in the South say yes.

A new software program is causing a ruckus in the South. The program, referred to as CRASH or Crash Reduction Analyzing Statistical History, is finding success in Tennessee. According to a recent report by Government Technology, the state’s highway patrol notes that the system has an accuracy rating of 72 percent for predicting time and […]

Study finds texting ban reduces risks of car crashes

On behalf of David Raimondo of The Raimondo Law Firm posted in Car Accidents on Tuesday, August 5, 2014. A study published in the August addition of the American Journal of Public Health could provide additional support for laws banning texting while driving. The researchers behind the study found that there is a direct link […]

Frequent storms on Long Island creating driving conditions that are hazardous to motorists, even when travel is necessary

As winter 2014 drones on, people of Long Island are becoming increasingly snow-roads.jpgfrustrated with the endless parade of snowstorms that seem to be passing through the area, leaving havoc in their paths. With weather patterns such as this occurring in cycles, citizens are becoming frustrated by this particularly difficult winter season. Storms have brought significant […]

Train Accidents – Fatal Metro North Derailment

Sunday mornings are meant to be a day of relaxation. Many may spend time with their families or make plans to travel places for specific occasions. On Sunday December 1st, no one aboard the Metro North heading southbound into New York City expected to be a part of a horrific accident that would then be […]

Southwest flight crashes nose first on LaGuardia runway

On July 22nd, 2013, LaGuardia airport was shaking with fear when an odd incident occurred making many passengers fearing the safety of their lives. A Boeing 737 of Southwest Airlines landed nose first on the runway, moments before the front landing gear broke. No fire or smoke could be seen and within 10- 15 minutes […]

Jury Duty Scam: Whatever you do, just hang up

Imagine receiving a phone call from an individual who claims to be an officer of the court with a warrant out for your arrest. Puzzled and frightened, you ask why a warrant would be issued for your arrest. The caller claims it is due to the fact that you failed to report to jury duty. […]

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit – Lawyer Long Island

Transvaginal mesh surgery creates serious health complications Every day women are suffering a silent battle that they may feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit they are struggling. Perhaps you have seen the commercials, those warning viewers of the potential hazards transvaginal mesh surgery poses for those who have chosen to undergo these procedures. Lawsuits have […]

Distracted driver program. NYSTLA

According to a national study conducted by the American Automobile Association, or AAA, motorists on Long Island say that hands-free cellphone technology brings newer distractions to driving. Drivers talking on their cellphone have a slower reaction time and a lack of awareness according to researchers at the University of Utah. New technology, including speech-to-text, which […]