Crash-avoidance systems may soon come standard in new cars

Federal safety officials say newly developed crash-avoidance technologies could prevent more than half a million car accidents each year in the United States, saving an estimated 1,000 lives annually. Representatives of the Obama administration say they are working on a proposal that would require these systems to be installed in all new cars in the […]

Teens will be buried in native countries

  The families of two teens who died in a backyard accident made plans Friday for a single wake for the pair, described as “brothers,” and eventual burials in their native countries. The teens — Eduardo Vanegas-Fuentes, 16, and Edgar Calderon-Castro, 19 — died Thursday after Vanegas-Fuentes fell into a cesspool in Farmingville and his […]

Wake held for teens who died in cesspool

Mourners at the wake Monday for two teenagers who died in a cesspool in Farmingville described them as sweet and selfless — and who had been looking forward to a backyard evening last week building a bonfire. The two, Eduardo Vanegas-Fuentes, 16, of Holtsville and Edgar Calderon-Castro, 19, of Farmingville, had been eating ice cream […]